We are in the Market to serve for the Goodwill. It’s always good to Love, Cherish and Eat Delicious & Great Food. We at Punit Proteins Private Limited are making the difference and serving our Customers with the Highest Nutritional Value Whole Grains that last them long. Thus, consider it a Deal of Love & Fulfillment.

Toor Dal
Basmati Rice
Chana Dal


It’s not our business; however, a care and love to humankind. All we want is our customers’ experience a great deal using ur products. It’s all about the betterment we want to see through.


At PNS International, our mission is to provide clean & Quality Product with reliable and timely shipments, competitive pricing and flexible delivery arrangements ranging from bulk, bagged (From 500 Grams to 50 kg and packed pulses rice & food stuff.

Your Health Is Our Priority

Your Health Is Our Priority
Eating Good Food & Staying Healthy is a Wonderful Thing. We have High Quality Whole Grains that are better for your Health. Beyond Nutritional Benefits, they come up with Antioxidants to help you stay Fulfilled, Energized & Charged up throughout the day. Make them your Favorite Comfort Food that Taste 10x Great & Delicious.

Energy-Packed Whole Grains
Digestible & Healthy Food is everything. The significant factor is the Nutritional Value. Get the best Whole Grains, packed with Energy, Nutrients & Proteins you ever need. Our products are Nutritionally Good & Highly Preferred. The best of everything – It’s a great way to experience Steadier, Healthy & Lasting Body Growth. Time to fill yourself up with Quality Whole Grains that come with the highest amount of Proteins & Nutrients, today!

Company History

3 decades ago in a small town of Padra, which is a leading manufacturing area of pulses in Gujarat, late Sri Motilaldas Thakkar started with his own hand-mill with very low processing capacity under the brand name Punit. The inspiration behind the brand was Late Sant Shri Punit Maharaj. Punit proteins gained

Our Core Team

Arvind Thakkar Managing Director

He looks after production, Marketing and Purchasing of raw materials. He has been instrumental in making Punit a household brand in India. He has three decades worth of experience in field.

Pratik Thakkar Managing Director

He looks after domestic and overseas marketing. the fact that the company has taken a commanding share in toor dal export market is largely due to the marketing genius of this man.

Rajesh Thakkar Managing Director

He is responsible for new products development, corporate affairs, quality control and administrative management. It is because of his strict control on quality measures that Punit production is accepted all across the world.